Susan Woods, RNP

Susan Woods RNPSusan Woods RNP

Our nurse practitioner Susan Woods has over 30 years of clinical experience.  She originally worked as a labor and delivery nurse for many years before she decided to go on to become a
Registered Nurse Practitioner in 1993. She has practiced in both family medicine and women’s health care. She also has a master’s degree in nursing education and enjoys teaching.

She currently resides in Oceanside, CA with her husband of 35 years. She has two children, three grandchildren, and two Chihuahuas. In addition to medicine, she enjoys reading, sewing, crocheting, cooking and making crafts of any kind.

Over the last several years she returned to school and obtained her doctorate degree in Christian ministry. She is a pastor’s wife and ministers alongside her husband at a small church in Oceanside. She enjoys her work there and loves teaching Sunday school to the young ladies.

We know you will enjoy her caring and sweet spirit and will appreciate the excellent set of skills and experience that she brings to our practice.